Customer API

Custom Applications with our Customer API

Our customers are some of the smartest and most resourceful people in the Internet Marketing community.

We built the Link Emperor Customer API to allow our customers to use our services in new and innovative ways.

It's a great way to integrate Link Emperor into your internal processes, allowing finer-grained control of your link building, or even reselling Link Emperor's services.

Through this API, you can order link building, retrieve link building reports, retrieve rank checking data, and more.

REST Technology

The API is a REST-based API and uses plain JSON or XML over HTTP. Resources (such as Blasts) are manipulated individually using the 4 HTTP verbs (GET/POST/PUT/DELETE).

API Documentation:

  • Authentcation - How to connect to our API
  • Methods - Available API Methods. If you're logged in currently, you can try them live in your browser.