The Link Building Marketplace

On Link Emperor, link building vendors compete in real-time to earn your link building business. We track details about success rates and compute an exact cost-per-link so you can compare our offerings based on real, live data. Our vendors compete based on this data and continuously drop their prices and offer more and more value for the dollar.

The result is that you get links from a growing variety of vendors at constantly decreasing prices. That's why Link Emperor is the only link building service you'll ever need.

Link Emperor plans each come with a different number link building blasts per month. You can add an extra 5 blasts per day for just $100/month. This is the conversion rate used to produce the dollar amounts in the chart below. You can purchase extra blasts directly from Link Emperor's interface once you've signed up.

Our cost-per-links are based on validated and confirmed live links on unique domains. We don't just trust our vendors -- we independently check each and every link. If they fail to deliver as promised, we make them do the whole order again.

If you're comparing us to other services, please realize that they are probably quoting you the number of link attempts, not the number of audited, successful links. And who cares about attempts? We don't.

Link Building Services Included With Link Emperor

Service Name/Vendor # Guaranteed Verified Links
(on unique URLs)
Cost Per
Verified Link
Misc. Platform Submission
Public Blog/Article Posts
Quality Backlinks Provider30$0.0222
Fast Track Rankings30$0.0222
Web 2.0 Property Creation
Fast Track Rankings8$0.0833
Wiki Submission

How Many Links Will I Get?

On Link Emperor, you can choose exactly which types of links you want to receive. Based on the current marketplace, this is exactly how many links of each type you'll get. Move the sliders to the left to reduce the amount of that type or to the right to increase the amount of that type. Move sliders all the way to the left to turn that particular type of linking off. Once you buy Link Emperor, the interface for choosing your link types looks exactly like this.

The Default Allocation — A Bit of Everything

We believe that the best approach to link building is to get the widest variety and diversification possible. But we also recognize that our vendors are not created equal in terms of links-per-blast. So we automatically allocate your link building using a weighted average algorithm.

Within each category, we order blasts largely through the vendors that have the best value, but we still mix in smaller amounts of the other services to ensure diversity. The exact number of services used is determined by the size of your account.

But you don't have to use our allocation at all. You can pick and choose exactly which types of services you want to use. Want to spend 100% on article marketing? No problem. Or all on social bookmarking? Sure thing. It's all adjustable right from Link Emperor's control panel.

Because prices in the market are subject to change, the best vendors can change from one week to the next. We adjust the default allocation in real time to make sure you're getting the best possible link building money can buy.

Link Emperor Automatically Fills In All The Details

For link building projects such as directory submissions and social bookmarking, details about the lander URLs are needed. Link Emperor automatically populates these fields (page title, description, tags, etc.) using information scraped from the lander and spun using TheBestSpinner. All automatically and for no extra charge.

We even handle all aspects of article submission. We find the articles, spin them, and submit them to our vendors, so you never have to do any writing. Or you can add your own articles via our Articles tab. It's up to you.

Get Link Emperor Now For Just $7. There is absolutely no risk because of our 30-day No-Questions-Asked Refund Guarantee. We'll set up your account immediately, you'll get instant access, and we'll start building your backlinks within minutes.