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Better Affiliate Commissions and Other Big Things!

August 25, 2011

Hey Everybody,

This has been a HUGE week for Link Emperor!  We brought a number of new customers into the mix and made a ton of additions to the software.  Also, the affiliate program just got a lot better!

Our affiliate program used to pay out the first month's subscription, so if someone signed up for an Alexander plan it would pay out $149.  Now, it pays 20% of the subscription cost every month for 12 months!  That's a total of $357.60, or a 240% increase in payouts, and it'll be a lot more if you sell a larger plan!!

Next, the new features.  There's a lot of them!

  • For the Khan plan, if you purchase extra link building credits (they come in $75 clusters of 1,000 additional credits per day) you are now able to add 2 extra client logins per cluster.  So if you'd like to upgrade a Khan account to be able to support 20 clients instead of the default 10, you could order 5 link building clusters for an additional $375/month and you would have additional link building to help support those clients as well!
  • We're now international!  You can set a campaign to be located in one of 7 foreign countries besides the USA (UK, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Brazil,  [9/1/11 EDIT: Now Australia, too!] with more potentially on the way.)  This means that the ranks will be checked on that country's version of Google, and local keyword data will be pulled for that country instead of the USA. There will also be a fantastic little flag next to the campaign to indicate where it's located, which we think is quite fancy.)
  • For BacklinksIndexer runs, we now report specifically which links are being pushed through their system.  BacklinksIndexer doesn't report the links that it is building on its end, so we unfortunately can't show that information (we've requested it!) but at least now you can download text files of which links are being run through.
  • Our affiliate program now has click tracking displayed in your affiliate dashboard, which is pretty important, so you can keep track of and verify your promotions.
  • The keyword ideas tab now shows exact local searches, exact global searches, and the PPC competition values for every keyword.  It's also now possible to export the entire keyword ideas tab to excel format, which customers have found to be extremely useful!
  • Dripable now offers blasts of 500 instead of 4,000, which we have integrated into our system so that we can now build links more smoothly over the course of the month by spreading them into smaller blasts!
  • We've implemented a simple 3-day trial system for anyone who requests it.  They're not live in the sales process yet, but anyone who'd like a trial to play with the system can simply fill out the contact form and we'll set them up.  These trials do NOT include link building, but they include everything else.
  • We now accept Paypal!

That's all for now, but the new updates and new features will continue to roll in!  We have a to-do list that is growing by the day, but we're extremely psyched as new customers join the family!

Wishing you all the best of luck in your businesses,

Bobby & Kevin

...Now With WAY More Link Building!

August 18, 2011

That's right ladies and gentlemen....

You asked and we've responded. Each plan now comes with at least 3x as many link building credits per month, for the same exact prices! These will kick in at the start of everyone's new billing cycles, as of today.

No, this isn't credit inflation - we've cut into our own margins and also found that some of the newer services we added a few weeks ago were effective as well as cheap enough to become regular players in our linkbuilding menagerie, decreasing the average cost significantly. While we have raised the nominal price in credits of some of the services in order to account for their higher relative costs, all customers will see a large overall increase in the amount of links being built.  The total effect of this is massively added value for everybody.

Very soon we plan on doing an in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of each of our major linkbuilding services so you can see what we're seeing - which services provide the greatest bang for their buck in terms of link quality, diversity and stickiness. But for right now while we're still compiling numbers, you can rest assured that the default allocation every plan comes with is the same as what we're using on our own sites, because we do believe it's the smartest way to build our own link portfolios as of right now.

If we change the way we're allocating links to our own sites, we'll go ahead and adjust the default allocations as well to make sure you guys are getting all the benefits from our research.

IN OTHER NEWS (Bug Fixes & New Features):

Bug Fixes:

  • The random, periodic logging out certain customers were experiencing has been fixed
  • Blast Reports now loading as fast as everything else
  • Link building allocations page no longer occasionally "seeing double"
  • Extra slashes not being appended to certain URLs

New Features:

  • There is now a "check all" box above every menu!
  • Keywords in the Keyword Ideas tab can now be seamlessly assigned to landers!
  • More link building credits for everyone (as mentioned above)!

Hope everybody's enjoying the tail end of Summer ;)

Bobby & Kevin