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Lower Prices and the LINK MARKET!!!

September 29, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Link Emperor office is an exciting place to be these days!  Recession?  March on Wall St? Pshhhh.  We are an idea factory and we are just producing good things by the truckload!

Anyway, I don't want to keep you reading all day so here's what's happening.

We've LOWERED PRICES AGAIN for link building.  Holy smokes you say, didn't I just get an email about that?  Well, yes, and it's happened again this time just in a different form.

Now, all plans can purchase extra link building including Alexander.  Furthermore, the prices of those additional credits have been lowered and made equal across the board, by as much as 50%.  So if you were purchasing credits on a Napoleon plan for $100 / 1,000 per day, it now will cost you only $50 / 1,000 per day!  Here's the breakdown:

  • Alexander -- Used to not be able to purchase additional links.  Now $50 per month / 1,000 extra credits per day.
  • Napoleon -- Used to cost $100 / 1,000 extra credits per day.  Now $50 per month / 1,000 extra credits per day.
  • Khan -- Used to cost $75 / 1,000 extra credits per day.  Now $50 per month / 1,000 extra credits per day.
  • Caesar -- No change.  Used to cost $50, still costs $50.  Sorry, but we have people to pay! :(

Alexander customers, this means you can now TRIPLE your link building for an extra $100/month!

Why, you ask? Why do we make your life so pleasant? Well actually, it's in preparation for the LINK MARKET.

What is a Link Market?  It's the system we're launching in a few days as a response to so many requests for more various types of linkbuilding.  Contextual links, you say?  Article submissions? Web 2.0 properties? Manual links? Scrapebox and SENuke runs? It's all possible!!!!

Of course, we will continue to provide our current link building offerings, we're just trying to add way more!

Here's how it will work.  Kevin's putting the finishing touches right now on the Link Emperor API which will allow other vendors to integrate to us, rather than us integrating to them as we currently do.  They won't have to advertise, they won't have to have a merchant account, they won't have to deal with customer support.  All they have to do is collect orders from Link Emperor, build the links, and then report back what they've built.  We will check to make sure that the links are there, and then allow customers to download them through the backend.  They can even do it manually through a page on our site so if they're not a programmer, that's not an issue.

It will be a nice opportunity for programmers who'd like to set up automatic fulfillment, but also for people who are new to internet marketing to make some side cash building links, and it's a big opportunity for people to train outsourcers to do this as well.  It's not going to be a ton of work available until we grow our user base to be larger, but it shouldn't take a lot of time, either.  So if you or someone you know might be interested, check out more details at

You will be able to shop around and decide what vendors you want to order your links from.  If you like the idea of profile links and blog comments then you're more than welcome to keep your credits allocated to the services you currently have. If you'd like to diversify out a little, you can allocate some or all of your credits toward article submissions or whatever else.

Anyway, that's just a sneak peak of what's to come!  Very soon we'll write a post officially announcing the changes and explaining how to do everything.

I hope you guys are as excited as we are!  I think this will bring us a whole lot closer to the reality of Link Emperor being a one-stop SEO shop.  That's the reason we lowered our prices on purchasing additional credits.  We want you guys to be able to be as flexible as possible in how you'd like to run your operations!

Until next time,

Bobby & Kevin

(Even) Cheaper Linkbuilding, A Link Checker And More

September 09, 2011

Hello friends,

It's been a very eventful two weeks since our last blog post.  Our customer base is rapidly expanding, we've fixed bugs, taken advantage of some bulk pricing that we've passed on to our customers 100%, and we've even created a truly fantastic, automated system for checking the success rates of our linkbuilding... among a lot of other things!

Yes, it has been crazy. So let's get right to it!

The Cheaper Links

Since we've been purchasing more accounts with our service providers, we've been able to take advantage of some bulk discounts.  We had a pow-wow as to whether we should keep the extra internet monies, but we love you guys so much that we created a policy of passing off these types of discounts directly to customers.  So, here are the credit changes that were instituted earlier this week:

BacklinksIndexer went from 8 to 6 credits per link indexed.
BacklinksGenie went from 4500 to 4000 credits per blast.
DripFeedBlasts went from 4000 to 3000 credits per blast.


Affiliate Program Improved AGAIN
This happened about a week ago, but in case you haven't heard yet, we improved our affiliate program to be a 15% LIFETIME affiliate commission instead of 20% for only 12 months.  We expect this to pay out better than most other affiliate programs out there including SENuke, because our average order is over $200/month.  So tell your friends!
We also added a number of banners into the affiliate section under "My Account."  If you have any requests for other banners in specific sizes or with different designs etc., just let us know!  
The Link Checking Tool
This thing is unreal.  It checks 5,000 links per minute due to Kevin's C programming wizardry.  I probably couldn't check 5,000 links in a week, so all hail the mighty computer.  Here's how it works:
It runs through all of our link blasts every day and checks to see whether the URL was matched correctly with proper anchor text for that specific URL.  If they are, that's fantastic.  It might look like this: <a href="">Correct Anchor</a>.  
Now, often all that the services can manage to post is the URL itself without an anchor, or the URL with something like "homepage" as the anchor.  We still think this is worth it, because it is a link, and there may even be partial keyword bonuses sometimes for the words in the URL itself, so we'd defintely rather take advantage of these if we can.  Some forum types are just set up this way, and that's all we can do.  These might look like this: <a href=""></a> or <a href="">homepage</a> and we consider those to be a success, though they sit in a different category in our statistics than the first, optimal URL. 
Other possibilities include things such as <a href="">Wrong Anchor</a>, (printing some variant of the URL without creating a link, or failing to link with the proper bbcode, etc) ... and all of these we consider to be a failure.

As of right now, we're just taking a look at some statistics and we've prioritized successful links to be indexed first so that we're sure that the indexer gets to those.  Once we're a bit more confident that the system is working properly and there are no bugs, after a few days, we'll only be indexing successful links and we'll be able to re-allocate the default credit spending towards building more blasts and spending far less on indexing!

So once that happens, Link Emperor is going to be a FAR more efficient system for building links than anything else out there.

Downloadable Tables

Yesterday we added a plugin that allows you to download any table in Link Emperor in multiple formats.  This still doesn't work very well with the Keyword Ideas tab since it's in such a particularly strange tree format (at some point we'll get that working as well), but everything else works like a charm.  This should hopefully be useful for working with data, downloading info to show to clients, send to outsourcers or whatever else you'd like to do.

BacklinksGenie Is Awesome, and Fixed A Bug For Us!

There's a bug that some of you encountered in your linkbuilding where the wrong anchor would be paired with your URLs on simplemachines forum postings.   This is a bug that comes with the Xrumer software that pretty much all linkbuilding services use, so it was on their side and was happening to a number of their customers.  But we got a few complaints from our own customers, so we followed up with BacklinksGenie and they actually took two days to work on it and found a workaround to fix it!  

So if you had encountered that error before, be glad to know that it should be fixed moving forward.  Please allow a day or two for backlink reports to come in from prior days before checking to ensure that the bug is fixed, as we were just told about this this morning.

MegaLinksBlaster Removed From Default Allocation

We have had a lot of issues with their blasts as of late, in terms of them not building as many links as they promised, etc.  So we unfortunately had to remove them from the default allocation.  This is one of the benefits you receive when working with us - we do our best to watch out on your behalf and be flexible with our service providers if they don't stack up.  Hopefully at some point in the future they can get their capacity in order again and we'll be glad to toss them back in.

Nuclear Link Indexer Added!

We now integrate with Nuclear Link Indexer, which is very similar to BacklinksIndexer and comes highly recommended.  So we now alternate between the two for indexing in the default allocation, which should hopefully further improve link diversity. 

Well, that's about all we've got for now!  Hope you all are enjoying your subscriptions.  As always, let us know if you have any questions or need anything at all!

Bobby & Kevin