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One-Time Blasts, Ranking Graphs & On-Page Audits Woo!

October 26, 2011

Dearest Compatriots of the Link Empire,

It's my pleasure to announce that the Link Emperor office has been full of nothing but hustle as of late, in order to bring you only the finest updates and hopefully cause your hearts to collectively jump.

This is an important update, and includes a number of varying topics.

1) One-Time Blasts Are Now Available for Purchase!

If you'd like to give certain keywords an extra boost, or try out some of our fancier link building orders such as the pyramid-style mixed blasts now available from various vendors, you can easily do so within your account by going to the Link Building > Service Allocations tab and clicking the "Order One-Time Link Blast" button.  

You specify the keywords, and you can choose to pay either with a credit card, paypal, or by using some of your account's remaining credits that are as-of-yet unspent for the month.  For that reason, if you're interested in managing your link building more closely, you can most certainly spend your credits individually this way.

We're really excited about this new feature and have become somewhat addicted to ordering link blasts for our own sites lately.  Check it out and let us know what you think! 

2) On-Page SEO Audits!

Being a former accountant myself, the word audit REALLY gets me going!

Just kidding.  But this is a tool that's actually quite useful.  Kevin's been working on this for a while, but up to this point, we've only checked whether or not your keywords existed on the landing pages that you were attempting to build links to.  Well, gone are those sad times, my friend.  

Today is a new day, and with it comes a host of on-site checks that will let you know if we've found any blatant SEO no-no's, or even just a few things that you might want to give some thought to regarding your sites.  

Here are some of the reminders we now let you know about:

  • Site does not have a proper canonical URL redirect (301 redirect from non-www to www or vice versa)
  • Site does not have a contact page that we could find
  • Site does not have a privacy policy that we could find
  • Site does not have a robots.txt file in the root
  • Site does not have a sitemap.xml file in the root
  • Lander does not have a keyword that you're trying to link build to on the page anywhere
  • Lander does not have a <h1> tag on the page
  • Lander does not have a <title> tag
  • Lander does not have a <meta> description tag
  • Lander does not have enough content (> 200 words)
  • Lander has a <title> tag with the same content as another lander
  • Lander has a <meta> description tag with the same content as another lander
  • Lander redirects to another page
So there you have it.  Just some friendly reminders to help us out (we forget these things sometimes too.)  They can all be reached under the On-Page SEO tab.
3) Historical Rankings in Graphical Format!
You asked for it, and we've delivered it.  As I write this, the servers are busily pulling in hundreds of thousands of historical Google rankings graphs, and placing them next to each of your keywords.  These give a nice feel, at a glance, for how you've been doing lately.  If you've had some large ranking movements, it's quite clear. And if you're gradually trending upwards or downwards, it's easier to catch it now that you can see where you used to be a few weeks or months ago.
This is our first shot at this, so there's not a ton of detail you can glean yet from these reports, but it's a solid start towards having an even more robust reporting system.  You can access these from the Reporting tab.
4) New Link Building Services and Further Link Building Price Drops!

Over the past week or so, we've added a few new link building services and also dropped the prices of a few of our most popular services!
  • BacklinksGenie orders went from 4,000 to 3,000 credits for any of their services
  • Dripable Profile & Blog Comment Links dropped from 500 to 400 credits per blast.

5) We Will Have a Booth at PubCon in Las Vegas from November 8-10th!

That's right.  Link Emperor is stepping out of your computer monitor and into the real world for a very brief period of time.  If you plan on attending PubCon, stop by our booth and introduce yourself!  We're way more fun than anybody else at PubCon, that's for sure :)

Well, that's about it for this update.  

Til next time,

Bobby & Kevin

The Link Market 1.0 is Here...

October 12, 2011

Friends, Romans, Countrymen...

The next evolution of Link Emperor has silently crept up on you, and you probably didn't even realize it.

The Link Market, you say?  Is it finally here?  

Why yes it is.

Over the past few days we've been slowly acquiring new vendors and reaching out to various contacts to see who would like to be a part of our glorious Link Emperor Universe.  And we've found some shining stars, service providers with real ambitions and excellent work ethics!  New people are joining on a regular basis.  We even added a few new options this afternoon.

So without further ado, here are some of the newest additions to the types of links you can receive with Link Emperor:

  • Private Blog Network Posts
  • Google +1s
  • Article Directory Submissions
  • Scrapebox Blog Commenting
  • High-PR Blog Comments
  • .Gov / .Edu links
  • SENuke Blasts

Now some of these are a bit more expensive in terms of credits than others, but we can officially say that we have acquired a few new sources of links that are cheaper than we've ever offered in terms of cost per link!  And we hope to continue that trend.

In order to take a look for yourself at the descriptions, prices etc, just log into your account at and click on Link Building > Service Allocation > Click on "Change Link Building Service Allocations."  From there, feel free to adjust your percentages.

And for those of you reading the blog who might not yet have an account, you can view a dynamically updated list of what we're offering at this URL:

Now keep in mind, this is just the beginning!  In the future we plan to add a ton more services, tighten up the interface to provide more details about the services and nicer ways to organize and sort them, etc.  But for now, we're excited to have opened up the floodgates to a ton of other link types and given people the ability to order higher quality links and contextual links if they so choose!

We're also almost done working on a way for people to individually order link blasts without allocating them on a recurring basis.  Since we have all of these providers now, it's just another easy way for people to order their services and will be coming soon!

Til next time,

Bobby and Kevin