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Update From The Programming Team

November 26, 2011

Hey all --

Kevin here.  It's been a while since you've heard from me directly, so I wanted to let you know what we've been up to.  Although we haven't rolled out any big new features lately (stay tuned), we have been staying very busy on the programming front and wanted to announce a number of small things that we've done.

  1. Based on your feedback, we tweaked the on-page SEO audits to handle a few more corner cases.
  2. All payouts to our link building vendor partners are now 100% automated.  This means that payouts will occur exactly on time every Monday, even if we're off traveling like we were last week.
  3. There are now summary numbers on the Campaigns and Landers tabs that show you the total amount of landers in each Campaign and keywords in each Campaign/Lander.
  4. There is now a calculator on both the Service Allocation and Campaign Allocation tab to help you make sure that the percentages all add up to 100%.  (Yay!)
  5. Sometimes blasts are unsuccessful.  This is usually caused by temporary issues or outages at our link building vendors.  Previously, we've investigated these cases manually, but as a result, sometimes this meant that our customers would go for a while without getting a refund on a failed blast. No more.  Blasts will now be refunded immediately, automatically, in the event of an unsuccessful blast.

I hope these enhancements help you out.  If you have any suggestions at all, take them to our forum.


Pubcon & Even Better Customer Support!

November 13, 2011

Hey everybody!

It's been an exciting week here at Link Emperor.  Here's a quick update:

Customer Support Improvements!

This week has brought a lot of changes to the way we are handling support. First, we have hired a customer support specialist to focus on getting your issues resolved as fast as possible. Brett is committed to learning the Link Emperor system and helping all of our customers get better results for their sites. If you haven't met Brett Phillips, please stop by the support desk and say hi.

Speaking of the support desk, we have officially launched our new support system. This helpdesk system is totally rocking. Now you have a great way to monitor the status of your tickets, search our ever-growing knowledge base, and just touch base with us. If you prefer using e-mail, you can keep doing that as well. All e-mails sent are automatically parsed into the ticket system and we can still reply.

You can check it out at

WHOA! A Giant Panda Invades Vegas

Ok, so this is not the topic of and upcoming horror film, a new gimmick by one of the Vegas casinos, or even one of Brett's wild dreams. It is actually the talk of PubCon! As you know, Kevin and Bobby were offline attending PubCon 2011 in Las Vegas this week. (Wait until you hear the exciting things they did while there!) They set up a booth in the exhibition hall and made a ton of great contacts. It turns out, they were also the talk of the show. Check out these tweets...

"This panda has been staring at me all #pubcon, halp! cc @linkemperor"
- @Dan_Silber Dan Silber

"Just me and Panda left at the @linkemperor booth. #pubcon"
- @katebuckjr Kate Buck Jr

That is one awesome Panda! The sad thing is, he needs a name. Want to help us out?

Can You Keep a Secret?

As I mentioned, the bosses are away and left the new guy in charge of the fort. Time to share some company secrets! Kevin just told me that we have some SUPER EXCITING things coming up. While at PubCon the guys were able to negotiate deals with some HUGE services that are going to rocket your links. I can't mention any names yet... but look for three HUGE services to be added to the list very soon, and then a few more coming later.  (Don't forget, this is our secret!)

Well, that is it for this edition! We hope you have a super week! Don't forget, use that support desk and put the new guy to work!

Yours in Service!
The Link Emperor Team