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January 14, 2012


Important updates this week!

1) Link Building Vendor Reviews

Many of you have requested more information regarding the various link building vendors and the quality that they provide, since we have so many now and are constantly adding more.  Since this is a tough thing for us to provide directly for a number of reasons, we decided it would be a good idea to create a reviews thread for each of our vendors where users can directly discuss the quality of their links and whether or not they're a valuable deal.  

We think this will be especially useful to new users as well as anyone who's looking to tweak their allocations to create the "perfect mix" of backlinks for the best price.

So we ask you to join in and write a few reviews of the vendors that you're most familiar with! You can find the newly created section of the forum here:

2) Full Support for Canada!

I know it seems crazy that our Brothers to the North have not been fully supported up to this point, but recently our keyword research partners have finally brought them into the mix.  So if you have Canadian campaigns yourself or know someone who may have been held back from joining Link Emperor because we didn't fully support our Canadian friends, it's no longer the case!

3) Articles Now Being Fully Spun

We've added some updates this week to fully spin all of our article submissions when we send them out to vendors, using The Best Spinner.  This has been shown to increase the indexing rates of article submissions and is going to be a major help. We're also looking into a super-secret new spinning technology that we may integrate soon as well, because it looks pretty awesome.  Stay tuned as our article management continues to improve!

4) Renewed Push to Add EVEN MORE Link Vendors

Due to a number of user requests, we've begun a renewed push to seek out and add more link building providers.  We currently have 21 providers but we are adding them at a pace that's faster than ever!  If you have a preferred link building provider that we don't yet feature, feel free to send them an email and let them know that we'd love to feature their links!

Here are some of the new services our vendors added this week.  And this doesn't include the applications currently in the approval process!:

SPC Innovation LLC

  • Facebook Likes – 50 Facebook likes from US accounts increasing your social visibility (Service Cost: 3000 credits)
  • Wiki Links – Article Submission to 30+ very powerful Wiki sites, 2 contextual links directly to your site (Service Cost: 3000 credits)
  • EDU Blog Comments - Comments on 50+ .edu blogs linking directly to your site (Service Cost: 3000 credits)

Cheap Backlink Service

  • 50 High PR Backlinks – CBS will deliver 50+ High PR backlinks from unique domains, all with a PR2 or higher. These backlinks are from forums and web profiles. (Service Cost: 1000 credits)

Boost My SERPS

  • Ultimate Article Directory Submission - A PLR article related to your website will be spun to 80% using TheBestSpinner.  The spun article will be submitted to 2000+ article directories. Guaranteed immediate approval of at least 100 articles.  Also includes a submission to a linklicious pro account for faster indexing. (Service Cost: 4000 Credits)
  • Ultimate Private Network Blog Posts -  The BMS team will write an article related to your keyword which will be spun to 80% using TheBestSpinner.  The spun article will be posted on 30 blogs randomly chosen out of 3111 blogs.  (Service Cost: 8000 Credits)
  • Ultimate Mixed Link Building Service -  This is a massive blast of various links including: Forum profile creation - 300 links from PR3 - PR7(150 Successful URL), Article submission - 100 links(50 successful URLs), and Private Blog Network Posts - 60 links (30 submissions). (Service Cost: 14,000 Credits)

  • 17 web 2.0 submission - 17+ posts from fresh web 2.0 accounts  (Service cost: 1000 credits)
  • Linkwheel of Web 2.0s, Social Bookmarks &, High PR Forum Profiles - This package includes 10 web 2.0 linkwheeled properties with bookmarks to each post. Also includes at least 20 forum profiles on High PR sites. (Service Cost: 7000 Credits)
  • 100 Forum Profiles - 100+  Forum Profiles Created by Xrumer  (Service Cost: 1000 credits)

Well friends, that's it for now.  Wishing you the greatest success in your businesses!

The Link Emperor Team
Bobby, Kevin, Brett & Luigi

Affiliate Summit, Wikis, Article Builder & More!

January 03, 2012

Hey Everybody,

With the New Year comes a lot of new activity!  Here's a quick update.

1) Affiliate Summit West

We'll be there this coming weekend in Las Vegas from the 8-10th.  We don't have a booth or anything official, but we will be floating around with our friends.  So if you'll be there as well, shoot us an email!  Maybe we'll all be able to find time to meet in person.

2) Vendors are beginning to promote your articles

The articles tab is now fully integrated with our vendors, so they're able to receive your articles for distribution rather than using their own, which should dramatically improve the quality of the submissions.

3) Wikis are coming soon

Many websites have their own wikis installed which allow you to post an article with contextual links to them, and we will soon be releasing a service that does that for an extremely reasonable price, integrating with the articles tab!  They're great, high-quality links.

4) Article Builder is open for sign-ups again

As you may know, we've integrated the awesome software "Article Builder" into Link Emperor, but we split our subscription amongst many customers so each plan has a max of 5 articles that can be generated per day.  

However, if you have your own subscription to Article Builder, you can enter your login info and we'll allow you to pull directly through your own account without imposing any limits.

For the last few weeks Article Builder has been closed to new signups because of the nature of how much content they need to develop and spin in order to keep customers happy, but we just got an email from the creator of Article Builder, saying that he's opened up his service to another 450 people.  

So if you're interested in checking it out, now is the time!  Click here:

Hope everyone had a fantastic New Year's celebration,

The Link Emperor Team
Bobby, Kevin, Brett & Luigi