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Lindexed: We Now Support Automatic Backlink Indexing!

October 11, 2012

We have some great news.
As you probably can guess, we are constantly being bombarded with feature requests.  We do our best to prioritize these based on the demand we see from our customers.  
We're not always able to do everything... but we work really hard to make everybody happy!  Also, some of our best features came about through customer input.
Among the most popular requests that we've received lately has been the ability to integrate with an automatic backlink indexing service. 
So we did!  We now offer the ability to integrate your Link Emperor account with Lindexed!
Lindexed is an amazing indexing service that will provide your backlinks with even more power.  Now, to understand why it's such a great addition to Link Emperor, one must understand what indexing actually is. 
Basically, the term ‘indexed’ means that a search engine has added a particular URL to the search engine results. For our purposes, we will be using Google as an example.
Just because a web page is available to the public doesn't mean that Google has found it yet.  Many pages are never discovered at all!  And if Google doesn't find a page, the links on it certainly won't count.
For example, let’s say that you create a new page at and it's got a backlink to your site.  Therefore, you want Google to find that page.
While the main URL “” is probably indexed in Google, the page you JUST created will not yet be indexed, because it is so new. 
What Lindexed does is bring that page to Google's attention, to speed up this indexing process.
Here's what they do:
1. Create and ping random content pages on multiple randomly picked domains that they own, with 100 links per page.
2. Create RSS feeds of your backlinks and ping them.
3. Create XML sitemaps of your backlinks and ping them.
4. Ping your backlinks individually.
5. Repeat the pinging process at random intervals for 10 days. 
After all that, Google should definitely know about your new page.
So... how does this work within Link Emperor? 
First, you'll need to sign up for a Lindexed account at
Next, you'll need to add your Lindexed account to your Link Emperor account. Here’s how to do that...
1. Sign into your Link Emperor account and click on the “Account” tab.
2. Click on the sub-tab “External Linked Accounts”
3. Click on “Link New Lindexed Account
See the image below...
From there, you will see a screen that looks like this:
So as you can see, you will now need to insert your email address that you used to sign up with Lindexed, as well as your Lindexed API.
The Lindexed API can be found inside your Lindexed account, right here:
*API blurred out for security reasons*
All you have to do is copy and paste your API key into your Link Emperor account. You can do that here:
Then, you just click “Link Account” and you are ready to go!
From then on, every link that Link Emperor builds will automatically get pushed through Lindexed.  This will give all your new links the best chance possible at getting quickly indexed!
So that's it.  We're really excited about this new feature, as it's been requested by tons of customers for a long time now.  
In the coming weeks, we'll also be finishing up an awesome case study on Lindexed and how it affects indexing rates, as well as Google rankings.  Stay tuned!
Until next time...
Cody Manning
Link Emperor Customer Support