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Great News: Local Citations Now Available!

February 12, 2013

Hey Emperors,

We have ANOTHER great update! I am proud to announce that we have made local citations available on a campaign by campaign basis. This is an amazing and heavily-requested new feature for all of our users who run local SEO campaigns!

As all you local SEOs know, local citations help websites that are based out of a local geographic area (like a city, for instance) rank higher than businesses in the same area with fewer citations!

Since several users have requested it, we have made the option to append a local citation to the bottom of all articles used for link building! We still spin the article, but not your citation.

Let's take a look at how you can add your local SEO citations…

1) Click on the pencil icon for your desired campaign. This will allow you to edit a campaign's options, including the ability to add your citations.



2) Once inside the "edit campaign" page, you'll see a field where you can include a citation. We recommend adding your businesses name, address and phone number.

3) Finally, click the "Save Campaign" button at the bottom. From now on all your blasts that use articles will also include have your local SEO citation!

Everyone here a Link Emperor is very excited to see your results using this great new feature! If you have any suggestions or things you would like to see don't hesitate to let us know.

Until next time,

Karson Kraybill
Customer Support Specialist    

Unlimited Targets and Additional Campaigns :)

February 07, 2013

Hey Emperors!

We have been working our tails off to bring you some major updates within Link Emperor.  And today, I am proud to announce that we are throwing all the limits for target URL's within your account out the window!

You can now add as many Target URLs as you would like within your account at NO additional charge!

In addition to giving you unlimited Target URLs, we are now giving you the ability to add additional campaigns to your account, however we must charge for these.

Additional campaigns come with a small cost that is dependant on your account type. Let me go ahead and detail these costs out:

  • Soldier - $50 for each additional campaign per month
  • Gladiator - $40 for each additional campaign per month
  • Senator - $35 for each additional campaign per month
  • Emperor - $30 for each additional campaign per month

Now, be aware! When adding new campaigns from now on, you'll find some additional text.


This will either let you know how many campaigns you are currently using, or it'll tell you that you've have met your limit and will be charged for additional campaigns.

After hearing quite a few users ask for more options when it comes to account levels, instead of offering more account levels, we decided it would be best to just make your account type customizable to your specific needs!  We sincerely hope it helps.

I hope that you all get some great use out of these new options and as always, if you have ideas or suggestions we would love to hear them...

And as always, we'll continue to work our tails off to bring you the best SEO solution around!

Until next time,

Karson Kraybill
Support Specialist