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Anchor Text Settings Now Available Per Campaign!

March 05, 2013


In our never-ending pursuit to make Link Emperor even more powerful and user friendly, we are proud to announce a new feature addition to our software!

As most of you know, Link Emperor allows clients to adjust their Anchor Text Randomization on an account level. This means that you can adjust how many link are built to your exact keywords, how many links are built to your exact keywords PLUS some random prefixes and suffixes and how many links are built to completely random keywords. (Random keywords include things like "Click Here", "Check This Out", "Visit Our Site" etc…)

Why do we offer these options? Post-Penguin, it became very important to diversify your anchor texts. basically, there were penalties handed down from Google for 'over-optimizing" keywords. Google decided that when your anchor texts were all the exact same keywords, this was usually unnatural. When webmasters or web users are linking to your site, what are the odds that they would ALL use the same keywords? They would use terms like "Check Out This Site" etc… This is why Anchor Text Randomization is so important.

Before today, when using Link Emperor you were only able to set your Anchor Text Randomization per account. This meant that if you had 3 campaigns in one account, all 3 campaigns would follow this same anchor text blueprint. 

Today, we now offer the ability to set your Anchor Text Randomization PER CAMPAIGN!!  We realized that not every campaign is created equal, and sometime it is necessary to have some different settings for different needs.

So as long as you have Campaign Allocation enabled (Click Here For More Details On Campaign Allocation) you will now see the option to adjust Anchor Text Randomization in that Campaign as well.

Let's take a look…

Here is where you can adjust your Global Settings for Anchor Text Randomization…


And now, you can adjust these settings per Campaign as well by clicking on the Link Building tab in a particular Campaign…


Please note that after clicking on Anchor Text Randomization Settings, you will have to adjust the drop down menu from 'Use Global Settings' to 'Customize Settings For This Campaign'

See here...


We think that this addition will be a great asset to our customers. We've had many requests for it, particularly from those who are doing client work. This can really help set you apart from your local SEO competitors!

To Your Success,

Cody Manning

Customer Support Specialist