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Penguin 2.1 Webinar -- What's Working, What's Changed, and How to Profit!

October 24, 2013


At the beginning of this month, there was a major Google algorithm update known as Penguin 2.1.  It seemed to affect local business websites more than anything.  However, there are a number of factors that could have triggered a penalty for your website.  

In this Webinar, Kevin and I get you 100% up to speed on the newest developments in SEO, along with exactly how to profit from them.  We even invited a special guest who was totally unaffected by this update to share his secret formula for penguin-proofing his local clients with Link Emperor!

Google continues to favor high-authority websites, now more than ever.  This update has only increased that trend...

The great news is that Link Emperor's still dominating in the rankings, partly because high-authority sites (ParaSites) are our bread and butter.  Those are things like YouTube videos, press releases, Amazon products, Web 2.0 sites and more…

We also discuss some of the updates we've made to Link Emperor to fit Google's new algorithm changes, and ways to successfully use it to continue to safely rank your own local sites and money sites.

Click the link below to watch the webinar :)

To Your Success,

Bobby MacDonald
Co-Founder, Link Emperor