Link Emperor Features

Custom Branded SEO Client Reporting

Link Emperor is a great tool for managing your own SEO, but it's even better if you manage SEO for other people. Our premier SEO reporting software that will leave clients and CEOs equally impressed.

Link Emperor supports a Custom Branded Client Login mode, where you can let your SEO clients log in directly. You can associate a username and password with each campaign, so supporting multiple clients from the same account is no problem. Your clients can then log in and view their Campaigns, Landers, Keywords, Ranking Reports, SEO Analysis Reports, Link Building statistics, and more!

SEO reports for clients are only available on the higher-level Senator and Emperor plans.

Comprehensive Reports, Including Rank Checking

Link Emperor includes rank checking for every single keyword that you are targeting, so you'll never have to run additional reports beyond the ones we provide.

And Link Emperor makes graphs of how ranking change over time so your clients will be able to easily see the changes in rankings you've scored for them.

Imagine Creating a SEO "Business in a Box"

If you don't already run SEO for customers, think about how easy it would be to offer this service using Link Emperor.

Let's say that you're a web developer and offer SEO as an additional service for $1,500 per month. You could spend $1,297/month on your Link Emperor "Senator" plan account, assign 20 blasts per day to their campaign, and keep the remaining $200 monthly profit (and the other 40 blasts per day). All you have to do is enter their website URLs and keywords!

But that's just with one customer.

Since you didn't use all 60 blasts per day on your first customer, then your second customer would be completely free to set up. Just create a second campaign for them and assign more of your blasts per day. If you stick to the $1,500 price, that would be a total profit of $1,700 with only two customers.

Imagine if you charged more, or had more than a handful of customers... the sky is the limit. And buying additional link building blasts in order to add future customers is cheap and easy.

Full Integration With Your Link Building Activity

Using Link Emperor for your link building means that your keywords, landers, and ranking reports are already stored in one one central place.

That's why using Link Emperor for your client reporting too is just too perfect.

Don't make your clients wait to get reports — give them real time access. Link Emperor is more than just an SEO reporting tool. It's the only link building service you will ever need.

Get Link Emperor Now For Just $7. There is absolutely no risk because of our 30-day No-Questions-Asked Refund Guarantee. We'll set up your account immediately, you'll get instant access, and we'll start building your backlinks within minutes.