Link Emperor Features

Dynamic Keyword Management

The only way to scale your SEO results to the level of the highest internet marketers is to think in terms of bulk. That's why we designed Link Emperor to be the ultimate manager for huge amounts of keywords. 5,000 products with 20,000 total keywords or more? No problem. We want you to hit them all.

Keyword Prioritization Factors

Link Emperor automatically sorts and prioritizes your keywords based on our special algorithm designed to maximize your SEO. These are the same factors we use in deciding how many links to build to each keyword and landing page combination when we send out orders for link building on your behalf.

These factors include:

  • Traffic - We use third-party data vendors to approximate the amount of search traffic (in your target language and country) to every search term you enter.
  • Difficulty - Our proprietary keyword difficulty estimator prevents you from building any links to keywords you'll never rank for, such as "wikipedia" or "sports."
  • Current Ranking - Priority is given to keywords where you can achieve the best bump in traffic for the least amount of effort. If you have a keyword ranking at Number 11, that's a real low hanging fruit, and we're going to go after it hard.
  • Visitor Value - You tell us how much (in dollars) a visitor to each of your campaigns or landers is worth to you. We scale all our calculations by this value.
  • On-Page Relevance - Link Emperor indexes your landing pages. If the page doesn't contain the keyword it's being directed to build links to, it won't build any links until that keyword is added to the page. If on the other hand, the keyword is in the title tag, Link Emperor will give a boost to the relevance of that page and build extra links accordingly.

Keyword Randomization and Naked Links

When building links, Link Emperor also occasionally throws random prefixes and suffixes into the anchor text of the links being built. These are words such as "buy", "my", "the", "best", " - click here", "awesome", etc. We also sometimes use entirely generic words such as "link" or "home page." We believe that this randomization helps to round out the link profile.

Of course, this is all in addition to the massive amount of randomization that comes naturally with the various long-tails that Link Emperor discovers and uses for anchor text to your pages.

The amount of randomization to use is completely configurable, so you are free to experiment here to figure out the best post-Penguin strategies!

If you aren't using Link Emperor, you're probably have to keep track of all of this stuff yourself. And you definitely don't want that. Use Link Emperor and put all of your Link Building on auto-pilot.

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