Link Emperor Features

Effortless Link Building

We truly think that Link Emperor is the best link building system ever created — even if you're a highly advanced SEO and already using some of the most sophisticated link building software available.

Full Link Building Suite Included

Link Emperor is designed to handle all of your link building tasks directly from its interface. We've brought together the best and most affordable link builders out there and built a complete integrated link building marketplace. We automatically order link building from these vendors on your behalf every single day.

Furthermore, Link Emperor will automatically rotate through your URLs and keywords, always giving priority to your highest quality opportunities. It's not a one-time setting — Link Emperor constantly changes your link allocations based on current data, such as current rankings and traffic info from Google Analytics.

These services are integrated in a 100% hands-free manner and work from the campaigns that you've already been entered into Link Emperor. Just sign up for an account and thousands of oneway links should begin flowing in that very same day.

Allocate Services However You'd Like

Though you have the freedom to run as many or as few services as you like, we've pre-configured a default blend of effective services for developing a diversified, "kitchen sink" approach to SEO that will leave you far less likely to be affected by the next "Google Slap!"

For more information, and to view the current default blend, check out the Link Building Credits page.

We Report Every Single Link Built

Unlike many SEO services, we show you the URL of every single backlink that is built by our vendors. We also tell you whether we were able to independently verify the link, the IP address of the referring page, and the mozRank of the referring domain.

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible, so we want you to have all the info that we have.

Please note, however, that we integrate with a few private blog networks that do not allow us to report URLs back to you. In those cases, we report a masked URL that shows the TLD and path information, but not the domain. We also show you the mozRank of the domain.

Real-Time Link Building Vendor "Scoreboard"

Our link building marketplace page shows you exactly what each vendor is charging for each link building service. We also report the a summary number that shows the Cost Per Verified Link, based on real 30-day average success rates.

We will soon be providing advanced vendor metrics that will give you unprecedented levels of visibility into the quality of our link building vendors. We're looking at things like IP C-Class variety, delivery time, # of links per page, mozRank/PR, and more. We want our vendors to compete by delivering higher quality links rather than just larger numbers of low quality links.

The link building marketplace changes rapidly. If you aren't using Link Emperor, you might be missing out on the best new vendors. If you want to truly stop worrying about your link building, you want Link Emperor. It's the only link building service you'll ever need.

Get Link Emperor Now For Just $7. There is absolutely no risk because of our 30-day No-Questions-Asked Refund Guarantee. We'll set up your account immediately, you'll get instant access, and we'll start building your backlinks within minutes.