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Link Building Partner Program

Link Emperor is the world's best automated Link Building Marketplace. We've brought the best link building vendors together to sell link building all through the same simple, automated interface. By making it really easy for our customers to buy diverse link building all in one place, we've attracted a huge pool of link-hungry customers.

If you sell automated link building services, we want to work with you.

Every day, we pay out literally thousands of dollars to our link building partners. Why waste time marketing your link building services through forums, banners, and websites? You can get guaranteed business from Link Emperor just by signing up.

Simply list your link building services with Link Emperor, and then sit back and watch a stream of automated, recurring business come to you. All you have to do is fulfill the orders.

We Only Work With Automated Vendors Who Can Implement Our API

We used to support working with non-automated vendors who used a web interface to receive and fulfill orders. Unfortunately, we've outgrown the ability to support that. Our customers demand extremely fast turnaround, so we are now only supporting fully automated services.

Our API is REST-based and speaks JSON and XML. We also have a Ruby gem and PHP SDK available.

We Are Looking for All Types of Link Building

We want to offer our customers every type of link building out there. We have lots of partners doing Article Submission, Private Blog Posts, Wiki Submission, Web 2.0s, Social Bookmarking, and many, many, more types of link building. View the list of services that are currently being offered.

You're welcome to use off-the-shelf software (such as AMR, SeNuke, etc.), your own bots, or any combination of the above. We're also looking for people to resell posts on private blog networks and other link building programs. The more unique your offering is, the better.

We have a ton of customers who are client-serving. Many of these customers prefer cleaner types of links. While we'll take anything, we are particularly looking for contextual links such as Web 2.0 and Article marketing. These tend to do particularly well in our marketplace.

We Send Automatic Orders Based on the Value of your Services

We check all your link building and figure out exactly how many links are successfully placed. Then we can compute a master "price per link" for each of your services. We use this to send our link building business to the partners who provide our customers the best value, based on price per link.

Of course, the price per link will be different for different types of link building. We treat each type of link building separately when we do our allocations, so, for example, Wiki Submission services only compete with other Wiki Submission services.

It's not winner-take-all. We want to give our customers a great value, but we also want to get them as much variety as possible. So, we'll allocate more business to cheaper partners, but if the prices are similar, we'll still include the others.

Also, customers are free to override our allocations, so even if your prices are high, you can still get business if our customers like your service.

Quality Matters!

All links are not created equal. We know that it's hard to pin down an exact numeric "value" for each link, but we also want to make sure that we encourage our providers to build high quality links.

We track things like stick rate, page/domain authority measures (PR, mozRank, etc.), domain and IP (C-Class) variety, delivery time, and more. We use all of these factors heavily in our allocation algorithm. We want to reward quality and give our customers the best overall value for their money. From your account you will be able to see exactly which of these areas we've identified as trouble spots for you.

Payout Rates

We pay a fixed rate of $0.20 per blast fulfilled. You are free to determine exactly how many links you wish to include in a blast. Remember that we operate in very high volumes -- we're currently paying out over $70,000 every month to link building partners. So don't be discouraged by the low payout per-blast. You could be doing tens of thousands of blasts per month.

Existing partners are being gradually transitioned to this payout structure.

We pay all our partners every single Monday for link building services performed the previous week. Payments are automatically sent via PayPal direct transfers. We always pay from our PayPal balance, so you should never get charged any credit card fees.


As a partner, you'll be required to comply with our Privacy Policy, which means that you cannot use the information you'll get for any purpose other than to build links.

Orders must be filled within 7 days to be eligible for payment, though we track time to fulfillment, so the faster, the better. If you opt into our Priority Delivery service, which will dramatically increase the amount of business you receive, the required turnaround time is 24 hours.

You will be required to guarantee a certain number of successful links per order (you can set the amount) and we expect you to achieve that guarantee every time. Orders that don't meet your guarantee will not be paid. Furthermore, you will be charged the cost to provide the customer with a replacement order from a competing service. You will have a chance to resubmit orders (within the original timeframe) if they fall short of the guarantee.

You may not decline any order, and you must report every link that you build to our system for verification. For approved Private Blog Networks, we will not release the URLs of your blogs to our customers, but we do need them internally to verify your links.

How to Join

Click Here to Join Our Partner Program Now. If you already have a Link Emperor account or if you're already a member of our Affiliate Program, just sign up here and then send us an E-Mail. We'll merge your accounts automatically.

Our Partner Program is governed by the Partner Program Terms of Service.