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High Quality Link Rental Partner Program

Link Emperor has offered a bulk link building partner program for over 3 years. Our vendors have consistently been very happy working with us and use our program as a way to earn incremental revenue for SEO services they were already performing.

We have now extended our program to also include high-quality link rental on high quality properties that you own.

These are not necessarily High-PR links or Homepage links, but often times they are one or both of those things. For this program, the higher quality, the better.

Why Participate?

Our link rental program is a great way to make additional revenue from properties that you own or have access to. It's a great way to cover the costs of running blog networks or even acquiring legitimate businesses.

Some of our link rental partners have the best success approaching actual businesses and brokering links on their pages.

You work directly with us and receive one rolled up payment each week. You do not have to talk to the customers or perform any customer service at all.

How Does It Work?

You sign up and list the URLs that you have access to for selling link rentals. You list a price per property and also set some quality guarantees. For example, you might say that you guarantee that the homepage will have no more than 3 outbound links to outside domains. We also spider the property to determine its mozRank, domain authority, current rankings, indexing status, and many other quality factors. We report these to you.

Our customers rent these links on a monthly basis and you get paid the price you set. We track the link all month and ensure that all the quality metrics we captured continue to be the same. If all is still good by the end of the month, we promptly pay you, and the rental automatically renews for another month.

If any quality factors change about the property, such as becoming deindexed, having additional links added above your guarantee, a significant drop in its domain authority or mozRank, etc., the lease will be terminated and not paid. This does not happen often, but we have to do this to guarantee our customers that they are getting a fair shake.

Because our customers know they can trust our links, they are willing to pay a premium price.

Security of the Network

We do not report the exact URL of the rented page to our customers. We keep this confidential.

However, we do recognize that customers can use things like MajesticSEO or other spidering tools to potentially find the link. That's why we also have developed an extensive customer vetting process to ensure that all customers are legitimate SEOs that aren't interested in ratting you out to Google.

How do we do this? We are currently only offering access to this rental marketplace to long-time Link Emperor customers that we have spoken to directly.

Payout Rates

You set the exact link rental rate for each property you list. Our algorithms look for the best deals to offer to our customers, so we encourage you to set competitive prices to help keep your vacancy rates low and ensure we can always rent your space.

We pay all our partners every single Monday for monthly leases that completed within that week. We pay at the end of the monthly period and we only pay if the link was in place the entire month and all quality scores were maintained for the entire month. Payments are automatically sent via PayPal direct transfers.


As a partner, you'll be required to comply with our Privacy Policy, which means that you cannot use the information you'll get for any purpose other than to supply the links you've agreed to supply.

We expect that all links be placed within 3 days of the order being issued. Links should be maintained and all quality elements of the page should be retained. Do not dramatically redesign the page or change its content without giving us a heads up.

Aside from that, all we ask is that you list as many properties as you possibly can. We want to make money together.

How to Join

Click Here to Join Our Partner Program Now. If you already have a Link Emperor account or if you're already a member of our Affiliate Program, just sign up here and then send us an E-Mail. We'll merge your accounts automatically.

Our Partner Program is governed by the Partner Program Terms of Service.