Partner With Link Emperor

Authentication to the Partner API

To use the API, you first need to register for a Partner account on Link Emperor. Once you're registered, you can begin to use the API.

Finding your API Key

Log in to your account and take a look at the Settings/API tab. It will display an API Key. This API Key must be provided in every API request.

Your API Key must be kept secure, as it allows full access to your Link Emperor account via the API. If you feel that your API Key is compromised, please contact us immediately to disable it!

Using your API Key to Authenticate

The API uses HTTP Basic Authentication to collect the API Key. You should pass in the API Key as the Username field in HTTP Basic Authentication. The password field may be left blank, or you may use a dummy value, such as x. is the base URL for all API requests. Be sure that you are connecting via SSL (https://).

Alternatively, you may pass in your API using the api_key GET parameter.


Here's an example of authenticating the the API using cURL, assuming EB4585AD9FE0426781ED7C49252F8225 is your API key:

curl -u EB4585AD9FE0426781ED7C49252F8225:x

Now that you can Authenticate, check out the full list of API Methods.