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Link Building Partner API

If you're a Link Building Partner of ours, you are required to use our API. Automation allows you to have faster turnaround times and lower costs as you scale up your operations.

The API allows partners (in the API they're called Vendors) to retrieve all outstanding orders for link building services (we call these Blasts). You can also get just a single blast by ID, or you can "pop" the next Blast off the queue for a given service. When you've fulfilled the Blast by building links, you can use the API to submit the list of built URLs.

Our API also lets vendors retrieve a list of domains that have been submitted as built URLs yet always fail our link checker. This is a great way to clean your lists.

You can also use the API to request sample Blasts that you can use for cleaning your list or testing new lists.

REST Technology

The API is a REST-based API and uses plain JSON or XML over HTTP. Resources (such as Blasts) are manipulated individually using the 4 HTTP verbs (GET/POST/PUT/DELETE).

We used to support a PHP SDK, however, that is no longer maintained. We do have a Ruby gem and PHP SDK in development, but for now we recommend just implementing the REST API directly.

API Documentation:

  • Authentcation - How to connect to our API
  • Methods - Available API Methods. If you're logged in currently, you can try them live in your browser.

Vendor Workflow: Getting Started

When you're ready to integrate a Service to our API, you'll first need to log into your account and create the service. Once the service is created, we'll generate a sample Blast that you can retrieve via the API, fulfill, and submit back to us. This is done through the exact same process as normal fulfillment.

Getting Next Blast Order

Once your sample blast is ready and you can see it on the Blasts tab in your account, you're ready to retrieve it via the API. To retrieve the Blast, you'll want to hit the /api/v2/vendors/blasts/next GET method. This pulls the blast from your blast queue, marks it as having been started, and returns full information about the blast.

If your Service uses articles that we provide, the exact articles will be provided in the blast_articles section of the result. Make sure to use the exact articles that we provide and put the links in the exact place we have them. Do not spin or otherwise manipulate the articles or titles.

If you do not use articles, we'll provide the URL and Anchor Text for link building (along with tags, title, body, and categories, if you requested them) in the blast_targets section of the response. Make sure to use the exact URL/Anchor Text pairs we provide and do not mix them up.

Submitting Built URLs

After getting a Blast, you should built the links and compile a list of built URLs. To submit those to use, you'll use the /api/v2/vendors/blasts/{id} PUT method. It just needs a linebreak-delimited list of URLs.

And that's really it!

Additional API methods allow you to see the state of the marketplace, get a list of domains that fail to pass our link checker, or request an unsecured test blast.

For more information about these, see our API Methods page.

If you need any help, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here for you.