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What The Heck Is a Diversity Keyword?

March 10, 2015

Diversity keywords are a new feature that were added to Link Emperor in 2015.  While they may sound fancy, they're pretty simple.
The purpose of diversity keywords is to make your link building appear much more natural in the eyes of the search engines.  
According to Google, the majority of searches typed by users are unique searches that have never been searched before.  While most internet marketers tend to focus on a few small keywords, if you do your SEO right most of your traffic will come from random long search phrases.
The same can be said for anchor text in link building.  In the "real world", anchor texts are widely varied and quite random.  Sure, some will contain the main keyword of your topic or the words from the headline of your page, but most will contain a very wide variety of words.
This brings us to Google's famous "Penguin penalty".  This penalty took advantage of the fact that most lazy SEOs promoted their pages using an unnaturally small set of anchor texts.  Many pages had a simply too tightly focused set of keywords in their anchor texts.
On Link Emperor, Diversity Keywords are used as anchor text when building links to your pages.  We will still use the actual Money Keywords as anchor text sometimes, but not nearly as much as we will use diversity keywords.
We recommend that you add at least 100 diversity keywords per topic.  Diversity keywords can be long and in many cases can be entire sentences. 
The way we typically build lists of diversity keywords is to Google the keywords in the topic and then look at what ranks on the top 5 pages.  Look at the titles and also look at the content on the pages.  Then write literally every search that comes to mind.  Go nuts.  Think of questions that are answered by the content on the pages you've found.
You can't go too wrong here as long as these diversity keywords are plausibly related to your topic.
Here is an example list of diversity keywords for the topic Tropicana Las Vegas Pools:
  • tropicana pools official site
  • official list tropicana pools
  • photos and pictures of the pool deck tropicana
  • cabana list and rentals for tropicana las vegas
  • rumored relaunch of tropicana pool
  • can you eat at the pool tropicana
  • tropicana does the pool serve lunch
  • tropicana can you order drinks at the pool
  • tropicana pool opening time
  • opening time tropicana las vegas pool
  • closing time of the las vegas pool tropicana
  • is the tropicana pool topless las vegas
  • can I bring children tropicana pool
  • tropicana resort casino does it have a pool
  • how many pools can be found at tropicana las vegas
  • hot tubs tropicana las vegas
  • is there hot tub on the pool deck tropicana las vegas
  • tropicana pool official site of tropicana las vegas
  • tropicana pool photo
  • tropicana pool tropicana hotel
  • water features tropicana pool
  • how many lagoons tropicana pool
  • what are the hours of tropicana las vegas pool
  • gambling at tropicana las vegas pool
  • tropicana pool cabanas
  • las vegas pool tropicana blackjack
  • tropicana pool rumors
  • does tropicana pool have a swim up bar
  • tropicana pool the new tropicana
  • tropicana indoor pools
  • are there indoor pools at tropicana
  • is there an indoor pool at tropicana
  • are there cabanas as tropicana pool
  • cabana rental tropicana pool
  • pictures of the pool tropicana
  • impressive photos pool tropicana
  • real traveler reviews tropicana pool
  • volleyball at tropicana pool
  • how hot is weather tropicana pool
  • flat screen tvs tropicana pool
  • trip advisor rating tropicana pool
  • tropicana las vegas outdoor pool weather
  • bikini weather tropicana las vegas
  • senior citizen pool for tropicana las vegas
  • four acres of pool deck tropicana
  • map of pools las vegas
  • drink prices at tropicana las vegas pool
  • are pools tropicana heated
  • where are the jacuzzis tropicana las vegas
  • cost of renting a cabana tropicana las vegas
  • how many guests can access tropicana pool
  • how many pools tropicana las vegas
  • party cabanas las vegas tropicana
  • bachelor party pool tropicana
  • review of tropicana pool
  • how does tropicana pool stack up
  • does the tropicana have indoor pools
  • tropicana pool heated
  • tropicana pool is it heated
  • is the tropicana pool heated
  • read reviews tropicana pool
  • chaise lounges at tropicana las vegas
  • landscaping at tropicana pool
  • is it hot at tropicana pool
  • tropicana pools heat it up
  • indoor outdoor pools at tropicana
  • adult only pool tropicana
  • activities for kids pool tropicana
  • two acre pool tropicana las vegas
  • shaded area tropicana
  • grassy area tropicana
  • videos of the pool tropicana
  • resort pools tropicana
  • pool party las vegas
  • tropical tropicana pool
  • the coolest pool in las vegas tropicana pool
  • is the tropicana pool kid friendly
  • kid friendly pools las vegas
  • cool pools las vegas
  • las vegas pool parties
  • las vegas resort pools
  • tropicana resort pools
  • where to find real grass las vegas
  • three acre pool deck tropicana
  • can you have meetings at a pool las vegas
  • how many pools are at tropicana las vegas
  • recently renovated pools tropicana
... and this list is actually SMALL.  Think about this topic yourself.  What else can you come up with?
Of course, you'll later want to make sure that your content actually answers these common questions that you may have found during this process.
I hope this helps!  I want to see this level of detail in your Diversity Keywords tab for every Topic you create.  Trust me, it's worth the effort.
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