Link Emperor Training


Blasts are the link building orders that our vendors perform to build links for you. These videos tell you everything about how to review your blasts, and opt-in or out of certain services. You can either watch all the videos in order or use this page as a reference, picking and choosing what you want to learn about.

Blast Tab Overview
An overview of the Blasts Tab where we show all link building ordered for your campaign.

Reviewing a Completed Blast
How to read the completed blast reports and find out what links were built and for which of your targets & keywords.

Downloading Link Building Reports
How to download a list of all URLs built in a link building blast.

Ordering a One-Time Blast
How to order one-time link building for any target and keyword.

Submitting a Blast Complaint & Refund Request
How to inform the support team about problem blasts and get a refund for the cost.

Opting Back In for a Selected Service
How to opt back in for a service previously blocked.

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