Link Emperor Training


In this training section, we have several videos that tell you how to set up Targets. Targets are the pages that you are trying to get to rank in the search engines. You can either watch all the videos in order or use this page as a reference, picking and choosing what you want to learn about.

Targets Tab Overview
An introduction to the Targets tab in Link Emperor.

Adding New Targets
How to add new targets to a campaign.

Importing Targets
How to import targets to your campaign from an external data source.

Moving a Target
How to move a target from one campaign to another.

Removing a Target
How to remove a target from a campaign.

On-Page Scores and SEO Troubles Spots Tab
How to use Link Emperor to identify common on-page problems.

Re-Inspecting On-Page SEO Issues
How to trigger a re-inspection for common On-Page SEO issues.

Target Level Local Citations
In this video you will learn how you can add local citations on a target level. Local citations are great for improving Google places rankings and rankings for local keywords!

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