Link Emperor Training

Training: Account

Account Tab Overview

An overview of the account tab and important functions associated with your account.

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Here's The Transcription If You'd Rather Read:

Account Settings: Shows the type of plan for the user, the monthly cost, and when the next payment is due.


Sub-Button Change Plan/Change Additional Link Building Credits: Allows the user to change the plan they are on or add additional link building credits.


Sub-Button Change Payment Method or Billing Contact: Allows the user to change their payment method or billing address.


Sub-Button Change Password: Allows the user to change their password.
Subtab Cancel/Freeze Account: Allows the user to Cancel/Freeze their account.

External Linked Accounts:  Allows the user to link their Link Emperor account to Google Analytics, or Clicky,, Lindexed, or Linklicious.

Custom-Branded Client Logins: Allows the user to edit branded login features by selecting the "Change Branding Options"

Note: User must be on a Senator or Emperor plan to utilize this functionality.

Invoices and Payment History: Allows the user to view any invoices or payments made to Link Emperor.

Affiliate Program:  Allows the user to promote Link Emperor as an affiliate and receive an on-going 15% commission for anyone who purchases through your link. You will also find an affiliate link for Penny Backlinks.

Note: All users are provided an affiliate account when they sign up with Link Emperor.

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