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Adding New Targets

How to add new targets to a campaign.

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Here's The Transcription If You'd Rather Read:

  • Select the hyperlink text of the campaign in which you would like to add target URLs (You will find two buttons at the top, “Add Target(s)” and “Import”).
  • Select “Add Target(s)” (We'll go over the bulk import feature in another guide).

Steps to input Target:

  1. Input your target URL. Include the HTTP and or WWW if applicable.

  1. Input the dollar value of the target. Leave this field blank to use the overall default campaign value. If this page is more valuable (ie, your Home Page, it might be beneficial to increase the value.)

  2. Input keywords that you would like your target to rank for, one per line. This will populate the keywords which appear in the “Keywords” tab.

  3. You should leave the "Should we add additional keywords by searching the Internet for keywords that this target already ranks for” option selected unless you're running short on keywords then you can uncheck it.


Quick recap, you have the Target URL, you can select the Target’s value in comparison to your campaign value, and you have added keywords.



Note: This functionality will only work if you have a Google Analytics account linked to your campaign. You can add an Analytics account by navigating to Accounts > External Linked Accounts > Link Google Analytics Account.

That about does it, I'll see you in the next video!