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Anchor Text Randomizations

How to adjust your anchor text randomization settings in your Link Emperor account.

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Here's The Transcription If You'd Rather Read:

The default settings are positioned to send Approximately 40% of links using the direct keyword, 20% will be ordered with your keyword plus a random prefix or suffix, and 40% will be ordered using a completely generic term.

Note: Recent Penguin and Panda updates have started to punish users for over optimization of a keyword; Link Emperors’ default settings are good to combat these updates.

To change the Anchor Text Randomization settings you must:

  1. Go to your Link Building tab

  2. Click on the “Anchor Text Randomization Settings” button

  3. Select the settings you desire

  4. Click on the “Save” button

You have successfully changed your Anchor Text Randomization Settings.

Thanks for following along!