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Article Generation Settings

How to control automatic article generation for your account.

Here's The Transcription If You'd Rather Read:

By default, the auto generation settings will pull a PLR article based on your pool of keywords when you don't have any manually generated or uploaded articles under the “Articles” tab.


Note: If you do have articles listed under the articles tab, Link Emperor will use these articles first, however if all the articles have been used for a link blast within the last 14 days, Link Emperor will then pull a PLR article to use for a blast.


Note: If you change the Auto Generation Settings to NO here, Link Emperor will never pull a PLR article for a blast and only use the articles present under the articles tab.


Note: If this is set to “NO” and you have no articles here, Link Emperor will disregard all keyword relevancy and randomly pull PLR articles. Do NOT set this to “NO” without having articles listed under your articles tab!


To set Auto Generation settings to “NO” you must:

  1. Enter the desired campaign

  2. Go to your Articles sub-tab

  3. Click on the “Article Generation Settings” button

  4. Select “No” from the drop-down menu

  5. Click on “Save Settings” button

Link Emperor will no longer generate articles manually.


Thanks for following along!