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Training: Articles

Articles Tab Overview

An introduction to the Articles tab in Link Emperor.

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Here's The Transcription If You'd Rather Read:

You will find the Articles sub-tab within your campaigns.


There are currently four ways to add articles to a campaign. They are as follows:


  1. Manual Upload

  2. Use Interface

  3. Use PLR library

  4. When one of first three have not been completed, we will automatically pull and article using our PLR library based on the pool of words listed on the keywords tab.


In this overview we will go over option #4.


We automatically pull articles from our database of hundreds of thousands of pre-written PLR articles when we build links that require an article.  Some of the links that we build that require articles are Blog Posts, Article Submissions, Private Blog Networks and Wiki Submissions.


If no articles are listed, we will automatically pull an article from our database and the relevancy will be based on your Keywords.


Note: For example, using keywords like "exterior house painting" may result in reception of articles about houses, paintings, nails, etc.


Note: If you have a local geographical location you are targeting with a keyword (ex. Phoenix Arizona Nail Salon), you may end up with articles about phoenix real estate, or other similar items.


Manual options 1-3 may supply you with higher quality and more unique articles if you choose to dedicate the time to configure them.

Thanks for following along!