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Training: Research

Comparable Website Research Overview

In this video you will get an overview of the research functions offered under the Research Tab.

Here's The Transcription If You'd Rather Read:

Within the Research tab you will find a button called “New Report(s)”. What this button will do is create a new keyword report from sites which you ask Link Emperor to check YOUR targets against.

To create a new keyword report you must:

  1. Click on the “New Report(s) button

  2. Choose a name for your report

  3. Select the country to search for keyword volume

  4. Enter comparable sites in which you wish to find keywords from

  5. And click on the “Create Research Report” button down on the bottom

Note: Do not run comparables to extremely powerful or popular sites like that have many categories. They are quite strong, with many popular keywords, and your reports will be skewed. It is better to run reports against other smaller competitors and niche themes.

Thanks for following along!