Link Emperor Training

Training: Campaigns

Creating Your First Campaign

A walk through and overview covering how to quickly setup a campaign.

Here's The Transcription If You'd Rather Read:

To input a campaign:

  1. Click the “New Campaign” button.

  2. Name your campaign.

  3. Choose the country extension that is the main target for your campaign.
    (When deciding on a country, choose the one for which you’d like Google to rank; this will also determine the research data and rankings)

  4. Choose a category that best describes the pages targeted by this campaign.  
    (An exact match is not necessary, but choose one that gets as close as possible)

  5. Select the dollar value of a visit generated by this campaign.
    (The default is .05 cents; we recommend using this as using a .05 cent bid is easy to work with)

  6. Choose a method for distributing link building.
    (If you’re not sure what to choose here, we recommend that you let Link Emperor calculate keyword priorities automatically)

  7. Choose the frequency of keyword rank checks.
    (If you are interested in checking on a daily basis, an additional .10 cents per keyword per month will be added to daily rank checks)

  8. Choose the search engines you would like to check for this campaign.
    (An additional 5 cents per keyword will be charged for any additional search engines that are selected)

Analytics Plan:

You have the ability to link up GA, or Clicky Analytics and we will pull in keywords that are already producing or delivering traffic for you that you may already be ranking for.  There are 5 options here:

  • Add them all

  • Add Them But Don't Exceed The Total Number of Keywords Included in My Plan.

  • Add Up To 10 Per URL.

  • Add Up To 25 Per URL.

  • Never Add Them.

Remember not to exceed the total number of keywords included with your plan.



Client Access Options:

These are for custom branded client logins.  These logins are only available on Senator plans and up. You will not see those if you're on a Gladiator or Soldier plan. This is where you would setup your username and password along with choosing what you'd like your clients to see when they login.

Campaign Notes:

Add any notes you would like to the campaign and make them viewable on the main page.

When you’re finished, selecting "Add Campaign" will create the campaign for you!


What’s Next?

Add target URLs. You can check that out in the next quick start video!