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Generating PLR Articles

How to manually generate PLR articles for your campaigns.

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Here's The Transcription If You'd Rather Read:

To generate PLR articles you must:

  1. Click on the desired campaign

  2. Go to the Articles sub-tab

  3. Click on the “Generate Article(s)” button

  4. Select "Search a Database of pre-written PLR articles” from the first drop-down menu

  5. Choose the amount of articles you wish to generate

  6. Click on “Import Relevant PLR Article(s)” button

That completes the process and you will now see the amount of article(s) you selected.

Note: We have hundreds of thousands of PLR articles from which to pull. Correlated articles are related to your campaigns keywords (ex."exterior house painting" may result in articles about houses, paintings, nails, etc.).

Note: If you have a local geographical location you are targeting with a keyword (ex. Phoenix Arizona Nail Salon), you may end up with articles about phoenix real estate, or other similar items.

In a previous video, we we went over how Link Emperor will auto generate these articles for your link building needs when no articles are present.

Note: Some users like to approve or edit articles. This is a great tool to generate the articles for which you’d like to modify.

Thanks for following along!