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On-Page Scores and SEO Troubles Spots Tab

How to use Link Emperor to identify common on-page problems.

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On-Page SEO Scores

When inside your Keywords subtab you’ll find a column named “On-Page Score”


There are 3 different scores you can get here: 0.00, 1.00, 2.50

  • 2.50 means the keyword appears in the title tag of the site. By putting it in the title tag, Link Emperor is assuming that you are focused on that keyword so it gets a little bit of a boost.

  • 1.00 indicates that the keyword appears on the page.

  • 0.00 indicates that Link Emperor didn't find the keyword anywhere on the page.

The on-page scores directly correlate with how Link Emperor will distribute your links and link building credits throughout the campaign. If you have a higher on-page score Link Emperor will build more links focused on that keyword for that page. Thus, improving your chances of ranking for your main keywords.


SEO TroubleSpots


The "SEO Trouble Spots tab" will show suggestions for you to improve some of your on-page SEO factors. These are just suggestions and they do not affect your ability to build links with Link Emperor.


You might see suggestions like missing META description or missing a particular keyword.

You can go in and change some of these things and improve your on page score.

Thanks for following along!